Dri Wash 'n Guard® Ultra ion™64 oz Refill

Introducing next generation vehicle appearance technology.  Newly enhanced to work on paints of ALL car models & years and beyond.  Its Ionic Technology not only helps repel dust from your vehicle's surface, but also helps reduce and remove existing minor feather scratches. As you apply and buff the painted surface, you'll be amazed at the results. DRI WASH `n GUARD® ULTRA-ION™ will give a deeper, richer shine than any other product in the vehicle appearance industry. It is extremely aggressive in emulsifying all organic matter as well as bugs, bird droppings and tar and it works exceptionally well on glass, mirrors and chrome! DWG ULTRA-ION™ can be applied to dark colors in any natural occurring heat from the sun. This new formula is odorless and comes in a distinctive new color.

One of the most significant product introductions in the vehicle appearance industry.

Does NOT include applicator bottle (use The Pump Item #2031)

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Dri Wash 'n Guard® Ultra-Ion™ Waterless Car Wash 64 oz Refill

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