Dri Wash n' Guard Oil Treatment


DWG Oil Treatment with our exclusive PolyGuard-1™ does it all! This unique, highly concentrated conditioner improves the natural lubricating qualities of motor oil. Unlike most oil additives, DWG PolyGuard-1™ Oil Treatment does not merely coat the inside of the engine. Instead it bonds with the motor oil, increasing the film strength of the oil itself, and dramatically improving the oil stability to create a protective barrier between moving engine components.

Add DWG PolyGuard-1™ Oil Treatment to your engine and you will enjoy: 

  • Easier starting in cold weather 
  • Reduced engine friction, heat, and wear 
  • Increased horsepower and fuel economy 
  • Reduced damage from water, antifreeze, gasoline, and harmful acids
  • Longer engine life
  • Item #: 1091

DWG Polyguard-1™ Oil Treatment

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